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Carmona Estates Houses for Sale in Carmona Cavite and Laguna


    • Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) was founded in 1999 by a group of friends who believed in creating communities and transforming lives of the Filipino families.
    • With head office address at 55 Tinio Street, Mandaluyong City, the company aims to give the best dream home packaged with unmatched convenience in strategic locations at friendly rates.
    • From small pocket developments (less than 70 hectares) to estate development (more than 800 hectares), to medium rise condominiums and townhouses, PRO-FRIENDS has ventured into estate development to meet the different tastes and needs of the Filipino home buyers. In a span of 12 years, we have finished and delivered 52 projects. Provided more than 30,000 quality homes with 36 on-going horizontal projects this year.
  • In 2007, PRO-FRIENDS expanded its reach in the boom town of Iloilo, in the Visayas. Our projects in Iloilo boast of having the biggest swimming pool and the first to introduce the linear park or “family courtyard” concept – one that offers residents extra space behind their home for added value.
Awards and Citations
  • Leading Developer for Economic Housing (Region IV-A) by HLURB – 2006
  • One of BusinessWorld’s top 500 grossers in 2011


  • Procare
  - Property Company of Friends, (PRO-FRIENDS) Inc. continuously engage with its homeowners through community-related activities. This enables PRO-FRIENDS to harness its relationship with its homeowners and at the same time make way in producing responsible citizens in the community  
  • Pro-Education
    - PRO-FRIENDS’ value of education is manifested in the establishment of its very own school, the St. Edward Integrated School in Lancaster Estates. The high regard to education doesn’t end in the four walls of the school edifice. PRO-FRIENDS continues to reach out where education needs to be present, whenever the opportunity comes.
  • Pro-Team
    - PRO-FRIENDS highly regards teamwork. As one of its core values, PRO-FRIENDS steers its organization to work in harmony and with a common goal.


We are your trusted partner in building homes and communities…
  • For our BUYERS, quality and affordable homes and communities;
  • For our AGENTS, business opportunities and professional growth;
  • For our EMPLOYEES, professional advancement and personal growth;
  • For our BUSINESS PARTNERS, a mutually beneficial relationship, guided by integrity and prudence;
  • For our SOCIETY, an environment-friendly holistic development.
Our tribute to God and the communities we serve.


A dominant leader and industry prime mover in property development…our legacy to Philippine society.


  • Service Excellence
    Service Excellence is one significant distinction that we would like to make in the real estate industry. Service excellence implies going the extra mile to delight the customer and having the commitment to deliver “against the odds”. It also requires innovation.
  • Professional
    Professionalism is reflected by the skills, competencies, and character of people who build our homes/communities and deliver our services. This value subsumes people development and training.
  • Integrity
    Integrity implies wholeness and absence of duplicity. We are in the business of trust. We can only sustain performance if we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders.
  • Respect
    Respect is manifested in giving value to ideas and feelings of various stakeholders: Agents, Employees, and Suppliers.
  • Innovation
    The essence of innovation is “thinking out of the box” and creativity.
  • Teamwork
    The essence of Teamwork is synergy. More than the “Sense of Family”, teamwork puts a premium on learning and growing as a team and relationships that build trust. This core value also implies getting rid of organizational “silos” and turf-mentality within PRO-FRIENDS family. Teamwork also involves the values of Respect, Dignity.

Guillermo C. Choa Chairman of the Board
Jocelyn L. Guzman President / CEO
Augusto G. Leonardo Jr. Executive Vice President
Crisanto V. Hilario Senior Vice President for BPO & Commercial Property Investments
Lillian Y. Reyes Vice President – Corporate Planning
Richard G. Tay Vice President – Sales & Marketing Group
Kathleen Joy S. Choa Vice President – Customer Relations Group
Ma. Elisa S. Cielo Vice President – Funds Management Group
Ma. Cecilia T. Endico Vice President – Credit & Realty Management Group
Nieves A. Santos Vice President – Business Planning & Monitoring Group
Victoriano C. Martinez, Jr. Vice President – Internal Audit
Marilyn T. Santos Vice President – Financial Control Group
Alan V. Santos Vice President- Information Systems Group

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