Housing Loan Qualification

4 Top Reasons Why Buy a Home at Profriends

  • No required salary bracket to get a loan. Now you can buy your dream house without worrying if your salary is within the required bracket.
  • High loan availment.
  • Affordable houses. There’s no other like it at this price.
  • Low downpayment.
  • Longer downpayment term.
  • No bank charges.
  • No move-in fees.

Who can to apply for a bank loan?

  • Only Filipino citizens are allowed to apply for a Bank loan.
  • Filipinos who are already US, UK, Australian, Canadian citizens or citizens of other countries that has Dual Citizenship

What are the qualification to apply for a bank home loan?

  • Must be Filipino citizen.
  • If Buyer is a Filipino Immigrant, must have a Dual Citizenship.
  • Must be 18 yrs. – 50 yrs. Must not be more than 50 yrs. old.
  • Must be presently working for at least 2 years in the company
  • Have regular source of income. Income of spouse/children can also be added.
  • No problem with your marital status.
  • Not separated with your wife / husband.
  • If separated, must have separation papers.
  • No pending legal cases.
  • No cancelled credit cards.
  • No credit card on amnesty.
  • No unpaid loan account.

What are the qualification to apply for Inhouse Financing

  • Must be Filipino citizen.
  • Must be 18 yrs. – 50 yrs.
  • If not working, must have Affidavit of Support

Eligible Age of Borrower

  • At least 18 yrs old for UCPB Bank
  • At least 21 yrs old for Metrobank
  • Buyer must not be over 60 yrs old when loan matures.

What is the Maximum Term of Bank Loan

  • For Metrobank
    • Locally Employed:  25 yrs..
    • OFW: 15 yrs
  • For BDO/UCPB 
    • Locally Employed:  20 yrs.
    • For OFW:  20 yrs.

Mode of Payment

  •  Postdated Checks or Automatic Debit Arrangement from Bank account

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