Move-in Process

Occupancy and Possession

  • Profriends will issue a Notice of House Inspection with Clearance For Inspection (NHI w/CFI) stating the date the unit shall be ready for inspection and/or occupancy.
  • You will be given 60 days from receipt of NHI w/ CFI within which to inspect the unit. If you fail to inspect the unit within this period, it shall be deemed accepted in good condition.
  • Any loss or damage to the unit after it is deemed accepted or after Profriends issues an Authority To Move-In (ATMI) shall no longer be the responsibility of Profriends.
Please note:
  • Incomplete submission of documents, No Certificate of Inspection (CFI) is issued.
  • Incomplete submission of documents, No Move-in is allowed.

During Inspection

  • You will list down all parts of the house you think needs retouch, repair or clearing.
  • You will be asked to come back after few weeks for the second inspection.
  • Once you see the unit is okey and acceptable, you may sign the acceptance certificate.
  • Bring this certificate to the main office and go back to Engineering Office at site to get the key.

Improvements / Alteration

  • You shall be allowed to make any alteration or additional construction to the unit only after final house acceptance.
  • You shall be required to submit the proposed building plans for any improvement or alteration , and pay a deposit fee which will serve as a construction bond, to be refunded after modification is complete and all deductions for damages (if any) have been made.
  • Profriends reserves the right to make modifications on the plans and specifications during the course of construction. These may include:
    • Subdivision and housing components in any part of the project that may be required under national or local government laws and regulations;
    • Modifications necessary for the enhancement of the entire project.

Membership in the HOA

  • Upon acceptance of the unit or once you have taken possession of the unit, you automatically becomes a member of the Homeowners association (HOA) and is required to pay the monthly dues.

Possession shall mean any one of the following:

  • Unit is deemed accepted
  • House keys have been turned over to buyer
  • Actual move in has taken place
  • Alterations or improvements on the unit have been implemented.
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