The Process of Buying a House in Carmona Estates

Buying Procedure

  1. 1. Visit – Get a viewing schedule by calling, texting, email or chat. Tripping vehicle and assistance is FREE and guaranteed no charge.
  2. 2. Ask – After viewing the actual site and model units, have a sit down discussion with our Sales Consultants on the sample computation and ask for an explanation about the terms and process of payment. Please feel free to ask. Buying a home is a major investment. All aspects especially on payment must be duly understood to avoid future misunderstanding.
  3. 3. Pay – Your initial cash out will be the payment of the required reservation fee. By paying, you are assured that the chosen house will be in your name.
  4. 4. Submit – Profriends (Developer) will give you a list of requirements and documents during reservation for submission within 60 days. Contact us if you will not meet the 60 days deadline.
  5. 5. 1st Downpayment – The Developer will give you monthly schedule of your monthly payments. Pay your first downpayment 30 – 45 days after you reserved your unit. This will be your second cash out after reservation.
  6. 6. Amortization – Pay your first monthly amortization after downpayment term.
  7. 7. House Inspection – Developer will inform you once your house is ready for inspection. List down parts of the house that you think needs retouch or repair. when this happens, there will be another inspection schedule. This usually happen after your loan take-out. Refer house turn-over to our sample computation.
  8. 8. House Turn-over – After minor retouch and repairs are done, you may now accept the house. Sign the Acceptence Certificate and bring this to Developer’s Main Office in Mandaluyong. Get the Authority to Move-in (ATMI) and bring this to the site Engineering Office. Get the key to your house.

Getting Status Updates and Follow-up of your Account

For Profriends housing projects, you may email to ask any of the following:
  • Check your lacking documents or requirements
  • Wants to change Due Date – can only request once. Admin Fee: Php100.00
  • Wants to change unit or ownership – must be done within 120 days from reservation date. Transfer Fee: Php3,000.00
  • Hold Check Request – must submit request 10 working days before due date. Holding Fee: Php100.00
  • Verify Payments or request a payment ledger.
  • You may submit by scan email your ID, cedula & passport.
  • Follow-up status of bank loan application.
  • Wants to know status of house construction.
  • Update on house turn-over schedule or move-in date.
  • House Inspection Date or request a Certificate For Inspection (CFI)
  • Other matters you want to know the current status.
  • Unit ID – Always indicate your Unit ID (Block & Lot of your house) in all emails sent to Profriends.
  • Accepted Signatories - Only signature / emails of Buyers or their Atty-in-Fact (SPA) are allowed/accepted.
  • Request Approval – Request approval may take 2-4 weeks.
  • Send Us Copy – Please don’t forget to send us copy of your email for future references.
Profriends Customer Service


Telephone Landline No.: (632) 727-7000

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