Housing Loan Requirements

Housing loan requirements for Single or Married locally employed buyers.
  1. 3pcs. 1×1 ID Picture (for Buyer)

    labeled w/ name and Unit ID at the back
  2. 2 kinds of Valid ID’s with 3 specimen signature (Photocopy only) (for Buyer & Spouse)

    SSS, GSIS, Driver’s License, Voter’s, PRC Passport – validity date should not be expired Postal ID’s are allowed for AIF only (or unemployed spouse)
  3. Residence Certificate for the Current Year (Cedula) (for Buyer and Spouse)

    Must always update every year.
  4. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) (for Buyer)

    If Buyer is single.
  5. Birth Certificate (for Buyer)

    If Buyer is single.
  6. Marriage Contract (for Buyer)

    If Buyer is married.
  7. Tax Identification Number (TIN) (for Buyer and Spouse)

  8. Latest Proof of Billing (for Buyer)

    Must always update. Valid for 6 months only. Should bear the same address as you have indicated in your Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS) and should be dated/issued at least within the month of submission date. If billing is not under buyer’s name, attach certification and valid ID (photocopy) of owner.
  9. Income Tax Return (ITR) (for Buyer)

    Should be most recent one.
  10. Certificate of Employment (for Buyer)

    Should be most recent one.
  11. Payslip (for Buyer)

    Should be most recent one.
  12. Postdated Checks (for Buyer)

    15 pcs. for Downpayment 9 pcs. for Amortization

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